Parlez-vous wtf?

I’m setting up an old Apple Powerbook G4 that I will sell to keep me off the streets. I was installing OSX Tiger when I managed to get this snapshot:

Mac's gay

That’s right. It’s proved once more. Mac’s totally gay.

10 thoughts on “Parlez-vous wtf?

  1. Hahhahaha! Stupid Mac.

    Cant you boot ubuntu or something onto a mac? You could throw in the new media Ubuntu release? Lol, that way you can still draw or w/e you do with a mac, but not go through all the shit that mac throws at you.

  2. I tried Yellow Dog Linux on my iBook, but since it was so much configuration and an increase in boot time I voted against it.
    Haven’t sniffed up Ubuntu yet, these are old machines mind you.

  3. I have a G3 Powerbook Pismo from like 2000. I still use it (with more RAM a bigger hard drive of course). I run Gentoo, but have everything scaled back. XFCE as the windows manager makes everything very light and I installed only what I absolutely needed. The thing is as snappy as the day I bought it. You can also use the stage3 install to avoid compiling hell (which on a G3 is extremely painful).

    Overall it is an extremely useful machine and is not painful in the least. I won’t be encoding video any time soon with it, but for other things, it doesn’t inspire me to curse at it.

  4. Jaime: Gentoo? Don’t you still need to compile just about everything? Takes too much time in my opinion and if you mess up the parameters… Well, you have to recompile.

    I’m running Kubuntu on my PowerBook. Most stuff works fine. Exceptions are the wireless network card I believe. Also, there is no macromedia flash, but perhaps gnash is getting ready these days. You could also try Xubuntu if Kubuntu is too slow.

  5. Actually you don’t have to compile anything at all on Gentoo. Stage installs are precompiled binary package installs. Stage3 on the ppc is pretty rock solid.

    Fixed the wordpress comment stuff. I borked the upgrade, I guess. Working now.

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