Link of the day: Cyanide and happiness

Since my brother referred me to these truly disturbed kids I’ve been clicking my way onwards strip by strip, and I will soon by ajour with the worrying humor of the guys at Explosm. That’s like reading bash from the beginning to end… which I’ve also done… only in the form of comic strips:
What shit are you smoking, dad?
That was #879. See what I mean? So, I suggest them for the link of the day, on this – the first post since my summer vacation came to a much dreaded end. You can find other online comics that I read daily on my links page. Have a nice weekend!

3 thoughts on “Link of the day: Cyanide and happiness

  1. I think it’s parasitic to all those crap comics we’re used to reading in the newspapers. AND it contains a lot of internet iconism, inside humor and parody.

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