Leeloo Lives!

After fumbling around on my bed (don’t ask) I managed to turn on Leeloo by pressing the power button real hard with my thumb while holding my other fingers tight on the upper left corner of the laptop. Plain hard love-making. I replicated the process many times, but she was making some rather strange CPU noises and I realize I will have to replace her anyway. I didn’t let her sleep with the battery in because I simply couldn’t trust that she wouldn’t blow.

So, Leeloo is feeling a bit under the weather and frankly, so do I.
But these are just things.. And speaking of things, Leto, my 12" iBook, is freezing up on me every ten minutes. I now have a 10mbit broadband line but no computer to use, except for my "homemade stereo system" with an 8 inch touch screen. My landlord won’t cover the expenses of a new one considering Leeloo still "works".

6 thoughts on “Leeloo Lives!

  1. I. Can’t. Take. It! Too much hidden sex! “turn on Leeloo”, “holding my other fingers tight”, “hard love-making” and “she wouldn’t blow”. My head-a-splodes!

  2. I study philosophy so general fraud and tax evasion are out of the question :(
    The perk is that I get to sit alone in the corner on all parties I go to. And when people ask what I study, and I tell them, they go:
    “So, it’s about the meaning of life and stuff?”
    “Yeah. And stuff.”
    And they disappear.

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