Maddox celebrating 10 Years on the webs!

Maddox is celebrating his 10th Year Anniversary these days. Congratulations!

Best Page in the Universe 10 years!

So, how are you going to spend the anniversary, Sigg3?
I am going to honor Maddox the Great by keeping up the ancient tradition of ceremonial bear slaying. In all simplicity it all boils down to tracking, attacking, slaying and skinning a living bear in nothing but your underpants. It can take weeks, even months to track down a good bear. And even if you do, they’re on the extinction list around here, so you can’t kill it. That’s why you go to Finland, naked, and fight a wild boar instead. You drain the blood from the squealing animal, and prepare for the highlight of the ritual; halal hog hotdogs with Camel’s tomato soup and instead of lettuce you have beef jerky. All of this goes down with beer or whisky, whatever your preference, that you drink from a human skull in remembrance of the vikings.. And then you go home. That’s the essentials at least. Have a nice weekend!

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