And today we celebrate Hypocrisy!

Happy Terrorist Day, America & allies! Consider this body count.

9/11 Terrorist Attack
2,749 people killed (BBC News)

War in Iraq (e.g. only a slice of the War on Terror)
3,774 U.S. Soldiers (Iraq Coalition Casualties)
298 Coalition soldiers (same source as above)
71,000-78,000 non-combatants (Iraq Body Count)
..not to mention all the wounded, amputees and self-afflicted deaths.

Total "excess deaths" in Iraq, e.g. the estimated increase in mortality as a consequence of war, since the invasion: 655,000 people (Washington Post)

How many must die so the eagle can soar? So the Washington warlords can fill their pockets? Is this the way you commemorate the victims of a terrible act of violence?
My thoughts to all those left behind throughout this conflict on all sides.

6 thoughts on “And today we celebrate Hypocrisy!

  1. MORE MORE!!!


    Ok, I am kidding, and those stats are pretty funny to point out… In an extremely un-funny way.

    So yea… I should probably start posting on the bloon again. Lol. Univeristy univeristy… :(

  2. Well it may be statistics, but behind most of these individual cases there are dead individuals.
    I was just fed up with the politication of this dumbfoundingly tragic event.

  3. I think most Americans would agree. Bush can’t go fast enough for us. I can’t wait for this long national nightmare to be over. He seems to have the idea that he is not the Chief Executive, but rather some sort of holy regal monarch ordained by God. I’m the decider. No, Mr. Bushie, no you are not. The people are the deciders, you’re the stooge that is supposed to carry out the will of the people as legislated by the Congress.

    Sigh. He’s such a fucker. I hope history is at least 10% as brutal to him as that beady-eyed coward has been to others.

    I like that, happy “terrorist day” thing. I think I’m going to use that in the future.

  4. Don’t forget the new Ethiopian millenium (also 9/11). :-)

    And I guess you remember that Jon P. was rather sceptical on the 650,000 number, though that’s kind of beyond the point.

  5. Yeah, I remember that, and I do endorse any reason to be critical about it. But I used it here in relation to other differentiated bodies of work for obvious illustrative purposes.

    Yeah, I heard about the festivities on BBC News. Black Eyed Peas were playing, apparently.

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone:)

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