Picture of the day: Baby in cute lion costume

"My" happy wombat pic has been pretty popular on several livejournal emo-blogs, and since I love emo kids I thought I’d treat them with a baby picture, because babies are always so cutez lols.

Baby in cute lion costume

Awww.. the lion costume omg lolz izzo cute!s The only thing that can outdo baby pictures are puppy pictures. So here’s a touching greeting card that I made especially for you, that you can use freely when the need arises.. awwwwwww..

And if that wasn’t enough cuteness for you, if that wasn’t enough to make you all warm and fuzzy and loving inside, to make you want to hump a cushion, head over to Koew’s page and take a look at the leopard seal photos. Remember kids, warranty void if seal is broken! omg lolz
Have a nice weekend folks. Next week I think I’ll buy myself a new laptop!

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