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Thanks to a doofus employee at a company called MediaDefender (read: capitalist defender), that works with the RIAA and MPAA (the devil’s bitches) to bring down filesharing on the internet (harr!), an elaborate scheme of IP harvesting through fake torrent servers was disclosed. The employee forwarded all of his internal mail to his gmail account, which in turn was cracked and cleaned out. Here’s a taste:

# REMINDER: "The Simpson's Movie" premieres this Friday (to Torrents).
* Decoy files are available in torrents MDfile server.
* Use Public Trackers for pre-Leak releases.
* Create two new trackers for this project.
* Ebert to inform Torrents of these new machines.
* Send a list of 5 release names from each torrent team member to Ebert.
* REMEMBER to input torrent file into interdiction if a real Leak is
available this weekend.

and another one:

Universal is curiouse if we have any historical data over the last 3
months that show whether .edu IP addresses on p2p have gone down.

They want to see if their lawsuits are getting students to stop
using p2p (take a moment to laugh to yourself).

The torrent below contains the 700mb worth of e-mails (around 6,000) with attachments. The torrent source @ torrentfreak writes a special credit to mr. doofus:

A special thanks to Jay Maris, for circumventing there entire email-security by forwarding all your emails to your gmail account, and using the really highly secure password: blahbob

Please share some bandwidth on this torrent:

This morning the newscast radio hosts were jumping in their seats because Microsoft had finally lost their appeal on the 497m euro fine imposed by the European Commission. And this really is good news for the regular Microsoft consumer, because the company can’t force bundled software (such as the Media Player). But it was even funnier listening to the drooling radio show hosts who had no idea whatsoever what the implications are, what a webbrowser is, and that Firefox and Opera aren’t Internet Explorer add-ons.
People from different walks of life commented the outcome, but I was really disappointed that they didn’t mention other ways of doing software licensing, e.g. GNU and GPL.

Speak of the devil;
This message was composed on a computer running Zenwalk 4.6.1 GNU/Linux, in the Firefox webbrowser, and the image (post above) was edited in The Gimp 2.2.17. The server you are reading this message from is running Apache and MySQL also on the Linux platform. Chances are most intermediary servers run linux too. During the making of this post I had a chat with my brother using Pidgin, which is a General Public Licence (GPL 2) instant messenger, while listening to Tom Waits, that is, God.

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