Good news, Everyone! I'm STILL ALIVE!

I survived a vicious beating on the night of September the 2nd. Hooray!
I also did not end up in a persistent vegetative state or lose an eye. Hooray again!

Some of you may have noticed that the otherwise hyperactive post rate of this weblog has been quite low the last couple of weeks. This is mainly because I have been busy picking up the pieces of myself since I was assaulted and robbed. You may remember that I have been mugged once (2003) or twice (2005) before, and as I reported back then it was no biggie, I landed on my feet both times at minimum expense for everyone involved. This time it was a whole other story. Consider this illustration:

Sigg3 was defeated!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t completely like Street Fighter. There was no boat, no cheering audience (or witnesses, as they are referred to in court) and no sledgehammer.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether I can tell you about it, due to certain legal circumstances beyond my control. Just believe me when I say that the Norwegian penal code has its own section containing three detailed paragraphs to tackle these events.
After all, I just have to consider myself lucky to be alive.

Just thought you ought to know that it happened, especially since my mother has already found it necessary to inform the entire family – extended, excluded, deceased including. I’ll get back to you when I’ve had a chat to someone in the right position about the certain legal circumstances mentioned. It’s definitely worth a dedicated post and numerous hours in post-traumatic therapy. Or at least a dedicated post.

3 thoughts on “Good news, Everyone! I'm STILL ALIVE!

  1. Damn, that’s some shit. WTF, if Norway like high school or something… roving bands of bullies trolling for lunch money?

    If I’m ever in Norway, I’ll get your back, okay?

    But, damn! *shakes head* Sorry you got busted up. Makes me mad.

    What are common techniques in Norway to avoid such altercations? Or do you people take your lives in your hands when you go out. I always thought Norway was tranquil and crime-free.

  2. They got away with values over 6k, which must be lunch money for an entire education:)

    Oslo is not the same as the rest of Norway, I’m afraid. Where I come from when one goes down the fight is over. This was slaughter.
    Some areas are dangerous because of gang crime (even the police can’t show themselves there). These guys seemed professional, or at least very well planned.

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