Kittenwar hits the shops!

A long time blog ally, the British mr. Fraser of , has finally reached the shelves of your local bookstore in hardcover format. As some of you may know, Fraser is the creator of the ever so popular kitten projects ranging from to . Well, okay, it’s not a very wide range, because you all know what you’re gonna get when clicking those links… Kittens.
pic: can has war?
Funnily enough Fraser himself does not have a kitten. Nor does he have 2 or n kittens. And although I admit that kittens can be kewl (I know I’ll regret my saying that) to watch in the microwave, clicking pictures of strangers’ cats at work just denotes how much you need to switch your job, be fired or get a life.

But if you can’t get one, you can order the damn thing at Amazon. Personally I am not a big fan of kittens, and in a fight to the death I would put my money on calves or alligators or Chuck Norris, to name a few examples. But I still just might buy this book, because from reading blogjam over several years I have learned two things:
a) Fraser is an excellent cook and
b) if it moves it’s eatable
So here’s to you, Fraser! Congratulations on your book release and I’m looking forward to the next one: Kitten recipes!

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