IMDb message board is full of twats

Here’s a message I read on IMDb’s called Wrap your head around THIS thought! There be lots of spoilers here.

Not ONLY do Korbin Dallas and Zorg never see each other face to face or meet or communicate in any way with each other, but Zorg inadvertantly saves his life & the world! Considering how narrowly they escape the explosion of the bomb in the hotel, the fact that Zorg stops the bomb at 5, then maybe another 10 seconds go by when the alien commander sets his own bomb up to go off in 5 seconds. If Zorg’s bomb was to go off and at least be powerful enough to set off the alien’s bomb, Korbin, Leeloo, and eventually the world would be toast! Zorg is a martyr, lol.

Also, not only THAT, but if Korbin had quit smoking entirely, the world would be toast as well as he wouldn’t have had the match at the end. Smoking SAVES lives!

This mildly interesting perspective is followed up by this crap:

Now that you say it! And if Zorg would not have fired Corben, somone else would have taken the mission. And as this guy never saved Leeloo, she would not have been fallen in Love with Corben to save the Universe! And if Zorg didnt blew up the Mangalores in the factory they never would have invaded Flohston Paradise to shoot the Diva which was the only way to free the stones. There is much more Zorg has done for the Heroes. So yes… maybe he is the true Hero who saved the Earth lol Crazy stuff that!

and this shit:

Nor only that. The Mangalores got back at Zorg when they blew up the ship “for the honor”

Which is why someone had to say something, and naturally Chuck Norris and God asked me to take care of it. Here’s my end of discussion kind of contribution:

Not only that!
If Luc Besson NEVER wrote the script the movie would NOT have been made, and if our parents had never met neither would we, and if some big ape ancestor had NOT climbed down from the tree homo sapiens would never come to be (does not apply to US citizens apparently), and if something like the Big Bang had never happened at all we WOULD NOT be having this wholly irrelevant discussion.

Now wrap your head around THAT thought!
I mean, what if the parent posts had not been posted?
Sounds like a world that makes sense to me.

This was just a taste of what can happen to you over at the IMDb forums. Raw, unedited and unreflected ignorance that tastes like weak coffee. Over-analyzing simple plots, discussions of stereotypes and people who saw actor X and thought s/he was an asshole. Whoppee.

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