HOWTO: Disable the "This device can perform faster" message

A very annoying thing indeed, when you’re using Windows and only have USB 1.1 controllers. Because we all know: these effin’ controllers can’t perform faster so stop nagging me about it! Just a quick tip for those of us with older hardware.

1. Right-click My Computer and choose Manage
2. Go to Device manager
3. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers branch
4. Right-click the first USB controller and select Properties and Advanced
5. Check for "Don’t tell me about USB errors"
6. Repeat for every USB controller

I have no idea what stupid idea Microsoft had when they put that message into place. To inform the public of USB 2.0? Which is not on the current system anyway? You don’t get it when you use 1394a instead of 1394b (which is a lot faster), or say a floppy instead of a CD-R.. For future reference, the difference between versions:
USB 1.1         12 Mbits/sec
USB 2.0         480 Mbits/sec

Different issue, same annoyance: .

2 thoughts on “HOWTO: Disable the "This device can perform faster" message

  1. Glad I could help:)
    Not exactly a big problem, but a real annoyance if you have a problem connection, or prefer wired connections.

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