Nobel Peace Prize: Congratulations, Al Gore & IPCC

I think it is a great . It is always a bit disgruntling when an American takes the prize, but that is because we Europeans so often forget that being American doesn’t necessarily involve any mental handicaps. And by that I mean no offense to the disabled or their relatives.

The issue of climate change (or rather the frightening acceleration thereof) is too important to toss into small-time, short-term, right-wing politics because it will affect us all and our children. Think about the children. Consider the pigeons. Mind the crocodiles.

There are many brilliant Americans in and out of America. Something which one will always expect from the imperial force in control. Just take the Romans, for instance. But I think Al (and IPCC) winning this prize might strengthen the cause even in a country with an economy based on automobiles such as the USA. Empires die fast without self-control. Time to wake up from that dreaming of yours, heh?

And maybe this will prompt the Norwegian government to finally focus on the Norwegian issues of self-control, instead of blaming the Chinese and the Americans; the way we pour raw oil into the lungs of our next generations.
That is what I call blood money.

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