Logical fallacy

We´ve begun studying Ex.phil and ex.fac, the first one being a historical overview of philosophy and the other the science of philosophy. Now, logic is interesting, but illogical compared to the world we´ve built around ourselves (not the one that already is there).

In example: It´s possible to prove something wrong (falcifying it) but impossible to prove that something is right (verify it). It´s easier to take away (substract) than to add something, hence we will – if not something beautiful should happen – end with nothing. Since nothingness is worth a study, I´ll give you some points you should think about later, and when you have, please send your thoughts to me:)

Right now there´s someone waiting to use this computer, and because of my sence of solidarity I can´t let her wait.. *cough* (bull) – See ya!

2 thoughts on “Logical fallacy

  1. Faen, jeg glemmer av dette feltet. Huff, er et veldig genialt felt egentlig. Ja, hur går det med lesinga? Hvor skal du ta eksamen? Er den der borte, eller skal eksamen taes i Oslo. Husker at det var noen som tok den på Bali da jeg tok det, og dem måtte ta eksamen i Oslo. Kanskje en annen ting med dere. Ps, har oppdatert hjemmesia. Hasta la vista baby!

  2. Flott! Nei, de har endelig fikset det slik at alle 3 eksamene taes over her, saa naar jeg kommer hjem har jeg (foráapentligvis) 10 vekttall:)

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