Shalloween is off! (pt. 2)

What didn’t happen: Sexy girl stops me on the street.
Hot babe: Trick or Treat!?
Sigg3: How about you come with me and treat me with a trick, honey?
Hot babe: *excited* Do you really mean it?
Hot babe: *blush* I mean, you are so manly and stuff lolz.
Sigg3: My name’s Sigg3 and yes, I am excellent. Say, how old are you?
Hot babe: Seventeen?
Sigg3: Heard about the age of consent?
Hot babe: Umm, yeah, the one with Matt Damon, right?
Sigg3: Close enough! Follow me.
Hot babe: Sigg3?
Sigg3: Yeah?
Hot babe: This police woman outfit is really tight..
Sigg3: Oh, we’ll figure something out.
Hot babe: And these handcuffs.. *eye roll* I just don’t know what to do with them!
Sigg3: I wouldn’t worry too much.
Because I’m such an amiable guy and excellent problem solver.

What really happened: Group of kids stop me on the street.
Kids: Trick or Treat!?
Kid 1: Hey! What are you supposed to be?
Kid 2: Shut it foo! Can’t yo see’s dressed like onoffem nerds?!
Sigg3: Gee, thanks for noticing..
Kids: So.. Trick or Treat!?
Sigg3: Sorry, I only have this pack of gum left. You’re late.
Kids: Thank you, mister! Now our efforts haven’t been for nothing!
Sigg3: Don’t chew them all at once, kids! There’s nicotine in ’em.

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