Why I take offense

Today there was a high school shooting in our neighbour country, Finland, that claimed the life of at least 7 persons including the shooter. My brother notified me after lunch today about his youtube account Sturmgeist89 and like any other curious person I headed over to see what he had to say for himself. The account was closed mere seconds after I had bashed his so-called manifesto in the user comments, but it is still available in Google cache. Too bad he never will have the chance to learn the true implications of the theories he misread. They could have saved his and his victims’ lives. Understanding can save us, but it takes a man to try. It takes balls.

I discussed this incident with a friend of mine, Ari, and I was worried to hear how many incidents they have had over the years. There was a suicide bombing killing seven in 2002. In Ari’s wry words: "too few things happening, so we arrange the terrorist attacks by ourselves".

Sturmgeist89. A wanker.

I was going to rectify some of Sturmgeist89‘s viewpoints, taken from his quote unquote manifesto, which are supposed to justify his actions. Having read it over again however, I don’t see how I am supposed to take it seriously. I take offense when people read into philosophy whatever they like from an unqualified footing. Nobody likes to hear it, but philosophy actually demands more than just being able to read. It is a strict discipline. I take offense because he advocated viewpoints from a philosophical area that he clearly does not understand. Eric (his real name) just seems to be a self-obsessed, spoiled and immature brat with no sense of responsibility.

Mark my words; Sturmgeist89 was no frei Geist and what he did only goes to show how much of a "slave-mentality" he was, how many dead Gods he hailed, before wasting his own life, and worse; wasting the life of other people with no part in his personal hysteria. Teenage frustration is not the footing of existentialist thinking. Nietzsche would have scoffed at his pathetic deeds. In his absence, allow me: *scoffs*. My condolences to those left behind.

2 thoughts on “Why I take offense

  1. Sigg3, thanks for providing your insight on this… Your one of the few who actually take more than a second to think about what your about to say.

    Such a tragedy.

  2. It takes listening to people, and extending them the possibility of actually being right about what they say, a favor ideally returned by the speaker.

    As a human being we must be able to demonstrate why he – on a theoretical level – is wrong, and that he -most probably – is having emotional issues WHICH can be dealt with and solved.
    Never assume insanity.
    This man thought he had a purpose and killed 8 people+himself.

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