Zenwalk på norsk!

Staying on the subject of I can brag that my English-Norwegian translation of The Zenwalk Manual was concluded this week and published Tuesday. I have proofread it and an update should be on its way.

Link of the day: or

It feels good to contribute, doesn’t it? For people sniffing out GNU/Linux as their new OS of choice, I recommend reading the () which gives you a very brief summary of the history of GNU/Linux and what Open Source and Free software is all about. It’s all sex & beer, baby. Have a nice weekend, folks!

3 thoughts on “Zenwalk på norsk!

  1. Thats awesome! Fuck, crazyyyy… Yea.

    Er… I am in the middle of Bc’s wilderness. :) And by that I mean a small town in northern BC.

    How cold is it over there now?

  2. BC? You’ve traveled back in time?
    Oslo is pretty cold at the moment, but pretty unstable the last two-four years. One day it’s freezing cold, next day it’s fucking tropical rain.
    Right now it’s typical NY autumn à la the Godfather, with red leaves and sunshine all over. Minus degrees (celsius).

  3. Haha sounds nice. Its doing the same thing over here in BC (British Columbia you doofus). Yesterday it was rainy, foggy, snow’y, and all around nasty. But today its blue skies, sunshine and burning hot coffee. Fuck.

    Ok anyways, its nice.

    And warm… When it was fucking snowing yesterday. Wtf?

    ‘neways… I need to get crackin on the bloon. We have really left it in the dust lol. Aggg, but so little to write about. Bah

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