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I’d call this an uninteresting take on an interesting problem. I think the elevator-situation is especially trying on anti-social personalities such as myself. I tend to snarl at people, or sniff their necks to smell the fear, which always cause a bit of unease until we reach the next floor and I get the place all to myself.. And when I’m alone I look at myself in the mirrors, from all the angles, or pretend that I’m several clones of myself. The results:

When you come into a crowded elevator you..
…feel like yelling, acting out: 7%
…are afraid it will fall: 3%
…are worried about your belongings: 7%
…giggle nervously: 46%
…hum to (the elevator) music: 19%
…rub up against strangers: 0%
…think inappropriate thoughts: 7%
…try to fart: 3%
…panic!: 3%

Number of votes: 26

Thanks for participating, and thanks for being so patient about my level of updating!

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