Poll #26: When's the last time you saw a midget?

This post is all thanks to who’s been having dreams about midgets the last four days, and who will take the scorn if the shit hits the fan. This idea came after a friend of his told about a midget working in their convenient store. I pondered the possibilities of shelf-stocking that it could entail, the way you could make small businesses (pun intended) more efficient through midget labour. From out of nowhere my brother remarked that the last couple of years there’s been less midgets around.. "Whereas before..?" his friend asked. "They were everywhere."

When the FSM created the world He created . But that was around 6,000 years ago. What about today? Are we seeing a decline in midget populations? Have they all been consumed by the Jack Ass bug? Have they gone, as it were, underground? Intriguing possibilities, friends, which is why I made the 26th just now to map out the facts. ‘Cause fact’s what this blog’s all about.

Poll #26: «When’s the last time you saw a midget?»
Not a week ago
1-4 weeks ago
1-4 months ago
A year ago
More than a year
It’s called Little People, you asshole

So go ahead and vote, people! And remember that it’s not true what they say; Good Fortune to He who Rub a Midget. Rub a midget the wrong way and you’re dead. And if you think this post was somewhat racist, you’re wrong again. I find midgets of all colours equally amusing. Except the blue midgets. They’re scary.

2 thoughts on “Poll #26: When's the last time you saw a midget?

  1. If anyone needs visual proof, I’ll *cough* get it up for anyone interested. Although I didn’t mention midgets today…or at least not to anyone who didn’t know me from before.

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