Exam hiatus

Doing my exams: 1) History of Modern Philosophy and 2) Philosophy of Action
Also: KekePower is down, faulty PSU. The hiatus affects some of my images.

Smudgy desktop shot - november 07

In this picture you will find: my alarm clock, August Strindberg, coffee, the now obsolete Siemens MC60 cellphone, chocolate, stress-reliever device, candle light, Breton’s most famous work, Sarah Connor, eye wear cleaning rag and spray, and the ruled Moleskin notebook akin to Hemingway’s – legendary, as it were, and made by underpaid moles. The laptop is the same I use at work. There be Windows XP.

2 thoughts on “Exam hiatus

  1. Ohh, wait a minute! Where’s Sarah Connor? Did the Terminators get her?! O no, I know who! KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! *shake fist*

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