I miss my typewriter….

It is true. I really, really, really want it back!! BUT I´ll have to settle with writing by hand, even though the pages are filling up with something more similar to egyptian hieroglyphs than greek letters…

The study-group I´m in finished our first and second hand-out assignment yesturday, after twelve hours with intense work divided on two days. And the result? Well, let´s just say that if we don´t pass, it´s snowing in hell. One more to go, though.

Today I wanted to be a tourist and paid this taxidriver, named Louis, to drive me around and show me Hemingway´s residence, his favourite restaurant etc. It was very nice having done that, not that it wasn´t interesting, because it was! It´s just that I´m not very fond of the thought of being a rich, white tourist. In this country I am nothing less, though.

Hemingway had 2 main passions from what I could see of the way he used to live; 1) Reading (and writing, of course) and 2) Animals. In every single room, including the bathroom, there were bookshelves (except from the diningroom), and this also applied to dead animals´ heads, furs etc. (including the diningroom). I was pretty impressed by this jar he had right in front of the toiliet, containing a dead lizard in spirit or something. Pretty neat, Hemmy! Apart from that he had a great garden, beautiful view from his "studytower" and a really nice boat from Florida. In the garden he also had 4 tombstones (Neron, Linda, Negrita and Black) which was his four favourite cats. I took about 50 pictures from this trip, which ended in a neighbour fishermen´s village known as Cojimar (a 15 minute walk from here). Thanks to the taxidriver, who was a local, I also got to meet an old couple who´d knew Hemingway when he lived in Cuba. Cool.

What now? Now, I´ve slept for two hours, then I went for a walk and ended up here (the piano & internet bar). I don´t know what to do with the evening.. I´ve got two offers till now; Reggaeconcert or partying both in Habana. The problem is that I´m not really up for a social evening , I just want to be alone with my headache, I guess. Tomorrow´s Sunday (Domingo) and we (the studygroup) will have to begin working on a third assignment.. Bah! On Monday (Lunes) it´s back to school again. 9-16 in a state of confusion, tiredness and indifference alltogether. We´ll see… I´ll tell you about it if something fun comes up:) Have a great night!

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