Supporting the Feebly constituted

Sometimes when a client comes with a request for aid you’re all like: WTF?
From a scientific viewpoint it’s always interesting to see what kind of shady stuff that lurks beneath the surface of quote unquote normal people. But when you’re just trying to handle your overfilled schedule it’s not interesting, it’s not welcome, and it’s all like: You want me to do WHAT?

This girl sharing the open office with me just came and ask me if I could have a look at a stationary computer. It is not her computer, it is one of the lesser people’s computer. And what was wrong with it? It is making noise.
The fan, it is making noise, and noise is terrible.

..right! If you just want me to manipulate the laws of physics (thermodynamics), why don’t you just ask me to create a separate universe for you instead? It would be a lot easier, theoretically speaking. Because, and this is just an observation I’ve made, whenever I open a window to cool things down or – God forbid – get some air into the building, a particular someone will immediately close it again. Not that it would make much difference, but cooling the atmosphere is the essence of your request.

Funny thing is, when she exited the room, the fans had cycled through and went silent again. I told her I’d look into it.

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