Scariest picture of the day: Denmark

Denmark is a country where having a good time has not lost the essence of good.


This picture entitled denmark.jpg that I stole from is characteristic for the typical Danish personality. Denmark has cheap beer, allows a pint during lunch, shrugs at anti-social legislation and provides ‘sex help’ for its disabled citizens. If it hadn’t been for restriction of immigration, Denmark would be the Netherlands. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Scariest picture of the day: Denmark

  1. The reason for being so unlimited happy, is that the danes know their island will be below the surface of the ocean in like ten years from now on. Bless ’em, and cheers!

  2. It was discussed on the radio here recently, but Norway is the most backwards-compatible country in Scandinavia. That is, the country is compatible for backward-minded people.

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