Way down in the hole..

Friday night was awesome, Saturday night more so. I won’t write much about it, because I get imaginary hang-overs whenever I try to remember what happened when I was drunk. Let’s just say that Friday was a dancing-kind of party and Saturday a talking-kind of party, and they both went hand in hand to make a good weekend out of it. I also met a couple of girls from up North, then I met Kekepower & the Wife and their friends, not to mention their shaggy-looking one-eyed dog and exotic aquarium fishes. Both parties ended around 6 o’clock in the morning so it took a man to fight the hours. But it helps when your cousin puts out the XO Braastad cognac.. and has a bed ready made for you, in yellow sheets smelling of fabric softener, and with smiling dinosaurs on them. It’s great to wake up in a little bed with yellow dinosaur sheets. They even had a new toothbrush I could borrow. Much obliged.

After this weekend I was trying to get my daily rhythm back on track, so yesterday I stayed at work until around 10 pm before I went home to cook dinner. I was very happy to find my kitchen looking like this:
Mess in my kitchen KILLS me!

There are plenty of hazards where I live. Some of you might remember my incident with a toaster and last week I was almost burned to death by the vacuum cleaner. It’s true! And now this mess to top it all off..

..but I coped, and after a wee while I was gorging on the carcass of a homemade cheeseburger with salted fries and an icy lemonade. I read through the news feeds on my cellular phone while listening to BBC’s World Service around midnight when one of my co-habitants returned home. I knew she had just completed her exams and lo and behold! there she was clinging to her boyfriend like a giggling little gnat. I guess she thought she deserved a hard’un afore Christmas.
..and good for her! Well deserved!

..but my paper-thin walls contributed to little defense from what was supposed to be a delightful evening setting the rhythm straight. Oh, they kept the rhytm straight all right. She’s a librarian, so all kinds of pornographic scenarios apply, the starved little vegetarian thing turned ferociously hungry from what I could hear. I am writing this in the hope that her grandmother reads it.

And a few feet away from all the action was I – trying to get some sleep – a shivering, anxious little bunny with hallucinations, gnawing on my pillow so as not to die. I was trying to read Hegel’s Ethics of Recognition but I could barely recognize Hegel through all the banging. I finally managed to fall asleep by suffocation, under the duvet. (Had to look up that word in the dictionary. "Continental quilt", WTF is that anyway? Sounds like a Scotsman in Nazi Germany.)

This morning I got up at the right time, pretty pleased with myself, lit a cigarette and spilled a cup of coffee, and jumped into the shower. I usually turn on some music when I’m getting dressed to set the mood for the day, and since ’twas only minus three degrees Celsius (26.6°F) outside I put on some French New Age jungle music called Deep Forest. This must have triggered some kind of uhm, trigger, because when I went to get a second cup of coffee they were at it again, banging each other’s brains out like Teletubbies on Viagra, just like the night before.

This completely ruined my mood, and with 2 Pac’s Military Minds and Eminem’s Hellbound blaring on my headphones I set the record straight walking to work. I just don’t know how much more I can take of this shit. How long before the anxious little bunny ‘comes a Donnie Darko murder rabbit?

6 thoughts on “Way down in the hole..

  1. Thant’s very romantic and all but I’ve got a drunken teenage churchchoir or something across the street singing the entire ABBA B-sides and Outtakes three times a week. Trust me, it’s worse than the sounds of fornication, which usually by the way doesen’t last too long…

  2. Feel you on the church choir. Wow.
    They did the whole dinner and a movie thing first, though.
    Apparently they were ALL librarians, coming from some librarian party, where several of the librarians had been thrown out for bad behaviour.

    …librarians! Sheesh!
    I gotto find me one.

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