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Ya’ll know me, I’m Sigg3, and this is just another weblog. But most of you wouldn’t know about Sigg4. Neither did I until yesterday, when I came across his profile and thought: «OMG, there’s a Sigg4?! Is there a Sigg5 too? How many Siggs will there be? Will Humanity ever forgive me for what I have begun?»

Link of the day:

Sigg4 writes:

Whats up. This is your boy sigg4 simply known as SIGG. If anyone knows me u know that I am a cool person. U know I love being in the spotlight.

I checked for a Sigg3 on that myspaceish page, but couldn’t find any. Previously I have been mistaken for Swedish labradors (puppies) and Russian missile components, but this namegame is entirely new. If people can only keep their numbers in ordnung, then maybe I won’t have to fear someone snatching my online identity.

9 thoughts on “Link of the day: Sigg4

  1. “S
    Sigg 4

    :) Real genius prodigy you got there. Lots of witty phrases such as “I am a cocky young mane.(Cant Have It No Other Way)” and “DAMN DA SUMMER OVA WIT”.


  2. Part 2:

    I just read the rest of his opening page… And I think I am scarred for life. What people lower themselves down to… Its a bit painful lol.

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