Last five CDs I bought

Still waiting to get my hands on the discbox set from Radiohead, though. It fell into the custody of Norwegian customs just before x-mas, alas I had to cope with the freely downloaded mp3s while pining for the fjords. Also, check out the album links above. They go to Google Music which is a pretty good and slim database of bands, although not always up to date. Couldn’t find O Horten or In Rainbows..

5 thoughts on “Last five CDs I bought

  1. My parrot is also pining for the fjords. Although it’s an Australian Pink and not a Norwegian Blue. The movie “O’Horten” is a must-see, especially for Scandinavians. Most def.

  2. I hadn’t ordered the Disc Box set after all. However, I am now the proud owner of the Special Limited Edition of In Rainbows with a 45 LP, original artwork in a fine book and one extra CD with tracks that didn’t make the album.

    Unfortunately I don’t know where to put it. It doesn’t fit my CD shelves, heck, it doesn’t even fit my bookshelf.

  3. What’s up with that Radiohead album? Everybody’s crazy about it. Naturally, I’m the last person on the Earth who will hear any of those songs, I don’t remember when was the last time I actually bought a CD. Legal CD, I mean.

  4. It is just beautiful music. And I mean it like that; beautiful.

    I’ve even picked up girls just talking about it. It’s that good. The extra disc I just received is even more so, and restricted for bedroom use when you pop by to "see my stamp collection".

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