Pollresults on "When's the last time you saw a midget?"

Just like I feared it turns out that midget sightings have dropped considerably from ancient times. That is, if my readership is somewhat equally distributed across the globe and is not too paranoid to leave their mother’s cellar once in a while. Of course, if you are one of the few who has a midget in the cellar please write me a line about it. There are experiments to be done here. Anyway, here’s the scientific data that you asked for:

When’s the last time you saw a midget?
Today: 0%
Not a week ago: 20%
1-4 weeks ago: 6%
1-4 months ago: 6%
A year ago: 13%
More than a year: 46%
It’s called Little People, you asshole: 6%

Number of votes: 30

As you can see almost 60% of the participants have not seen a single midget for about a year or more. From what I gather about social constructions, this means that 60% of my readers have NOT been to New York for a long time. I have never been to New York, but having seen a lot of American movies I have come to the startling realization that New York must be the midget capital of the world. It’s only a question of time before you get specially constructed midget sky scrapers with more than twice the capacity! Just ask the 20% who see midgets everywhere.

Another point of interest is that not a single person saw a midget on the same day as the intricate questionnaire was answered. Would it be mere speculation to infer from these statistics that midgets are too short for short-term memory, and that they instead linger on like memorable nodes in the long-term memory? Or are they simply too easily overlooked?

Only a feeble 6% were provoked or had any issue whatsoever with the seemingly prejudiced views expressed by the questionnaire. I’m not too sure what to read from that except You’re All A Bunch of Racist Bastards! Myself, I would never drag my good name and reputation through the mud by accepting such discriminatory prejudice labels without any opposition. Nah, I’m just too good for that sort of thing. Every person is as valuable as any other person, be it half-size or triple, as long we all agree that I’m definitely better than all of y’all. Thanks for your willful participation!

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