Poll #27: What's your most used social network protocol?

This is a question I was asked recently, and found myself unable to answer.

Poll #27:
Instant Messaging (MSN, Yahoo, Pidgin)
IP phone IMs (Skype)
SMS text messaging (online and phone)
Facebook or similar
E-mailing and mailing lists
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Message boards and internet forums
Community sites and blogging
Face-to-face and ancient tech

I know the list isn’t exhaustive or technologically fair, I mean, some people (like dogs) communicate by sniffing’ each other’s bum holes. But I think it just about covers the essential ones that I could come up with from the top of my head. Myself I use IMs all the time, even on my new phone, but since I do a lot of e-mailing at work I’m not sure what the de facto "communication ratio" is really like. I had a Facebook account before I came across the CIA conspiracy theory, at which point I deactivated it, but I guess if you search for ‘lumberjack’ in occupations you’ll still find me in there. Or maybe try ‘friggin awesome’.

Despite what some people are saying on slashdot and similar sites, IRC is very much alive. is living proof of this, although the image you’ll probably get after reading bash involves a lot of racial prejudice and pedophilia. Which is not exactly the true picture of IRC, albeit a questionable side of it. So if you’re a sexual predator, I guess you’ll vote for IRC. But whenever I have a linux-related problem that I can’t find the answer to, IRC has always been there to help me out of it. And text-messaging? I often forget that it actually costs money. Anyway, thanks for voting!

10 thoughts on “Poll #27: What's your most used social network protocol?

  1. Well, I guess the setting up of the system could be troublesome (some Enter keys during installation) but apart from that you should be able to run a modern system clickety-clickety:)

    After getting used to terminals, just like shortkeys, they are alot faster.

    There are voice-to-key applications for linux too. Who knows? Maybe you’d become the next irc wiz kid?

  2. You think linux/OS users are less likely to be handicapped than other user bases?
    I can’t see why there wouldn’t be a voice to text app availiable, free or commercial. Sounds like a case for ‘Ask Slashdot’.

    Heck, there is even a linux distro for milking cows. Not that it would be particular helpful to you, I’m just saying:)

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