Do you want a piece of me? DO YOU!?

Presenting today’s brunch, which is pretty standard for a Friday, if you live my life:

Friday Brunch at work

Two slices of bread with: 1) scrambled eggs and salted ham, and 2) roast beef with mayonnaise, red onion and pepper. The salt and pepper are canceled out by a glass of cold apple nectar squeezed between virgin breasts. For dessert I had homemade waffles with butter, strawberry jam and a slice of brown Norwegian goat cheese.

Please note the three green cubes of cucumber, which covers 3/5 of the "daily five" greenies. After all, I’m not a total health freak either. How was your lunch?

7 thoughts on “Do you want a piece of me? DO YOU!?

  1. I eat once a day. At 8 pm or something. Sometimes, twice a day. That’s not a healthy option I’m afraid. PS- Strawberry jam and goat cheese sound like a good combination.

  2. They are covered by ham, Mike.

    I mostly eat twice a day, but today I had breakfast (Subway sandwich) on the subway and lunch (other half) on the tram, and in a few hours I’ll cook up some dinner.
    Dinner is my lifeline, really.

  3. Even after 15+ years in Norway, i still can’t get the jam/brunost combo >< Some stuff dont mix!!!!!!!!!!!!

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