Pimping rssHugger dot com (just ignore this post)

forwarded me to this new rss listing service that’s re-set every month to allow everyone an equal shot at the moon (the great top 100). It’s called in obvious contrast to the RSS debauchery site called rssBugger.com. I already have a pretty good page rank, but ever since I got my new cellphone and started relying on good RSS syndication for keeping myself up to date, I’ve wanted to show off my own poor RSS feed.

These guys have worked out a way to let me do their work. I can either:
a) pay them $20 as "protection money", or
b) write about them on this site. Or they’ll whack me.

RssHugger.com itsalive!

So I went with alternative b. Even though you would consider this an involuntary advertisement on a site I’ve promised to be relatively ad free, I am hereby expressing my sincere discontent with my own whoring around, which inadvertently should create a virtual distance between possible prospectors and the rss face huggers. The thing is that their accepting my blog’s rss depends wholly on this post, so it’ll be interesting to check out if they’ll approve or not.
Like Hamlet asks in Shakespeare’s famous play: «Art they doth Huggers or Buggers?»

2 thoughts on “Pimping rssHugger dot com (just ignore this post)

  1. The real idea behind rssHugger, the one where the creator gets rich and famous because alot of people pay for their rss-listing, is covered in soft velvet-like toilet paper of “Be part of a viral/buzz marketing campaign” and shit like that.

    Also: “We manually review all blogs/reviews to ensure that our website only hosts quality blogs”. So, some guys taste decide which blogs are quality blogs? And I hate the word blog!


  2. I think their conception of “quality” is limited to:
    – NOT porn
    – NOT spam
    – NO racism
    e.g. anything that could backslap ’em.

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