Latest developments on the t.A.T.u front

Yesterday I got one of my impenetrable whims and like the rational little hamster I am, I acted straight away. I wanted no, I yearned to hear some t.A.T.u music, and after a little help from the internets my needs were satisfied. I got their 2002 album called 200 Km/h in the Wrong Lane, which sounds like a Tom Waits rip-off to me. Anyway, I thought it was about time we checked up on our favourite Russian lesbo duo, since it’s been so long since last time.

tATugirlsdotcom reports that their latest single called Beliy Plaschik/White Robe was awarded Best MTV (Russia) Video of 2007 by user votes. They like wearing white, and they like wearing wet, and I just like it:

tATu - Short skirts

Like I’ve previously reported, they have had a long hiatus (Wikipedia says 2003-2005) and in 2004 miss Volkova got pregnant with her boyfriend. Which is not a very lesbian thing to do. The year before they got a lot of media attention when the then 18 and 19 year old girls started an election campaign to overthrow emperor Putin. And who knows? If they’d won, maybe Moscow would’ve been the present Lesbian Capital of the World? In any case, there can be no doubt that these girls have lost some of their impact since the "great revelation" of their not being homosexual, but I expect them to live on for quite a while on their strong fanbase who can appreciate suggestive softcore pop music. I haven’t heard any of the new shit yet, but I intend to. They do range within my Best TechnoPop Music list, along with other Great Musicians like Scooter and the German Dune.

t.A.T.u naked hugWhat can I say? I just like the way these girls whisper in my ear from the top of their lungs. These girls ain’t singing, they’re hardly breathing.

I was surprised at how good these records are mixed. They are in fact very professional (courtesy of creator Ivan Shapovalov). The lyrics are kind of brainwashing, however, being that I’m used to actual lyrics. But there are moments of clarity too. Here’s an excerpt from track no. 7:

Much too gay
Much too gay
I can be
all you need
Won’t you please
stay with me
Macho gay
Macho gay
Apologies, might-have-been’s
Macho gay
Macho gay
can’t erase what I feel
Macho gay, gay
Macho gay

Whether these lyrics are challenging or simply challenged will be up to the ears who hear them. But truth remains, when I put in my stereo earplugs to find a pair of Russian lesbians whispering on either side of my ear, I can’t help but smile. After all, a man must have his dreams… Also, they are great for strip joints.

4 thoughts on “Latest developments on the t.A.T.u front

  1. Isn’t it “malchik gay” (gay boy) and not “much too gay”? Of course, unless this is one of your clever jokes again.

    I hate the girls’ image, but I love their singing. Gomenasai is for one amazing song.

    Scooter and Dune are OK, but I feel like Scooter are actually getting less and less original nowadays. You gotta love the nonsense lyrics in How Much Is The Fish, but when it’s been repeating for ten years, it does get a bit old.

  2. It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. My favorite Scooter quote.

    Malchik gay sounds like ‘much too gay’ or ‘macho gay’ to me, which I found quite amusing given their image. I love their image, it’s their music I can’t stand. Except in strip joints where it’s pretty appropriate.

  3. I’m not a fan, but Russian version of the infamous “All the things she said” (Ja sosla s uma or whatever, Iva will know it better, she speaks Russian :P), anyway, that version was… interesting. Not good, but interesting.

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