So, today, Monday, we (the group) were going to hand in our first group-assignment, 5 computerpages on the hypothetic-deductive method (not sure if it’s spelled right or not). We were so nervous for being picked to present it to the rest of the class, since we hadn’t really prepared for it. I mean, we worked 12 hours on that thing, and it didn’t even cross our minds (more than a couple of times) that we might had to defend it too.

We were sitting there…. Just hanging there…. Waiting, you know….
Bom! Our group didn’t have to!!! YES!!! Is it allowed to be as lucky as we were? I don’t know, and I don’t wanna.

My roommate Nils has been staying with his girl the last week, and it has been really lonely from time to time… :P BUT, tonight or tomorrow he’s coming back! I don’t know if they’re fed up on intimacy, but that’s really none of my goddamned business, so I’ll let it be with that.

Surprisingly, I’ve begun listening to (the best of) Bob Dylan. Alot. That’s right, I know, I know.. But it’s ONE OF THREE quality CD’s my roommates have accomplished to bring with them along with all the crap (-music): Neil Young (can’t remember the name of the album) and a Tom Waits LIVE thingie. There’s not one single evening going by without me thanking someone or something for the blessings I’ve had so far. Concerning the music that is.. Apart from that I think most of the students here agree that we have too tight a schedule to really exploit the situation; being in Cuba and everything.. I mean, we’ve at least two tasks every week, and I really want to travel… Well, that’s it for today. You ain’t getting more of me just as of now, see, ‘cus I wanna finish my Spanishtask on Cuba and sleep for as long as possible.. Even though I know it ain’t gonna happen… Umpf!

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