Michael Park the Pimp

I was reading up on Michael Park’s and in the latest post he was complaining about one of his advertisers who kept arresting him for gross grammatical errors. Au contraire, I said in perfect English. Your grammar isn’t gross, but your ads are! Just look at this filth:

Michael Park's subliminal advertising

As you clearly see from the screenshot above, there’s some subliminal pimpin’ going on here. Get One the ad says, and suddenly everybody wants an Asian escort. The ad brings you to a sleazy "E-card business" which also provide "inter-personal services" for its customers. Michael Park pimp
Depending on how you rank in the system, you earn "credits" based on what level of trafficking you’re able to maintain.

I decided to confront Mike with this worrying aspect, but due to the time-difference he declined from comment being that he was fast asleep in the middle of the night. Still he was quoted as saying:

«Sigga please! Can a man make some monee in diz country? These girls be like sistahs to me. Really close sistahs. I just be takin’ care of’em, swingin’ my hair and doin’ ma thing baby. Now if you’ll excuze me there are a couple’o sistahs in here needin’ sum luv. Talk to you later man, peace out.» Then he hung up.

He gave me a call later on and he promised we’d work something out between me and the girls. That’s my man right there, taking care of things. Respect.

13 thoughts on “Michael Park the Pimp

  1. Yeah, I wasn’t sure you’d axe me to have it removed. Or else you’d put a cap in my dome…

    Not everyone can be humorous about themselves.

  2. “Sigga please! …”
    This is great, keep it coming! :-)

    I’m thinking of mixing 50 cent and emacs commands for a poster for a (possible) lisp & wine/beer evening :)

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