Did you ever f**k a baby hamster? In the face?

My brother Koew sent me this at the beginning of the day, and I’ve been giggling ever since. What probably began as a little voice-over fun from Star Trek nerd/hater Day Job Orchestra at youtube grew to become as hilarious as those Swedish LotR voice-overs. Here are the youtube linkses of the days (Not Keyboard-Friendly):

And you also need to see the Lions!
Apparently, the DayJobOrchestra is some kind of metal music fan, which is why I did not link to his/their homepage which is at dayjoborchestra.com. Doh!

5 thoughts on “Did you ever f**k a baby hamster? In the face?

  1. Ah, it’s one of the series of questions thrown in “What would You do with a raisin?”.

    I thought I’d change the header to:
    «Space…. What about it?»

  2. What, you kidding there Mira? Of course there’s hamster molesters in all of ’em. Haven’t you seen Star Trek: TNG? Each episode is like a 50 minute long molestation of a newborn hamster.

  3. When Worf (or shall I use Woof as Mrs. Troi calls him?) did that fish beat I alsmot snorted coffee out of me nostrils. Hilarious.

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