Truckin Zine February 2008 – Siggfree until April

I didn’t make this month’s issue and next month Pauly’s planning an LA-only issue. If I can’t make it to LA by that time, my first Truckin’ story this year will probably appear sometime in April. If you still need your Sigg3 fix head over to that has a lot of stuff too weird to put up here. In any case, writes:

Another new issue of Truckin’ featuring several of your favorite writers and one special addition. Betty Underground returns with a sultry tale. Johnny Hughes is back with another gem. Clay Champlin, a Truckin’ veteran, also contributed to this issue. I added something about my old days living in Seattle with suicidal roommates. And then we have Mini Waffles. His debut in Truckin’ marks an epic moment. Mini Waffles becomes the youngest ever writer to be published at Truckin’ at nine-years old.

Truckin' Zine

Benson and Hedges by
I looked at her arms and wrists. She didn’t appear to be a cutter, but she listened to a lot of angry indie chick rock and idolized Ani DiFranco. Her sullenness always bothered me. I wanted to try to talk to her, but it was not easy. She used to sit in her room and drink alone…

Declaration of Independence and Love by
It felt like I had stopped breathing for minutes as he brushed his lips across mine, without touching them. Dusting them like feathers. My head grew light as he teased me. I was frozen. Suffocated by desire…

Squirrel Hunting with Pudddin’ Tooth by
I was merely a hunter trying to kill him before he made it home. Without a word I pointed at the little grey dot bounding across the forest floor. Puddin’ Tooth sprung to his feet, and we were off tracking the beast…

Dragon Slayers and the Angry Villagers by Mini Waffles
J and A heard about a war and it was about the angry villagers and the Charlyaters but the angry villagers had to fight to keep their lands. Then they signed up…

There’s one more tale here by a mr. Hughes, but for some reason my blogware simply refuses to blog that link here.. Whenever I try to include the intro, even just the words without any links, I get a 403: Forbidden message. I think someone out there doesn’t want me blogging about it. To see the last story head over to .

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