Bedside talk II (Back by popular demand!)

– Oh SHIT! YOUR EYES ARE GREEN! And your hair! It’s blond!
– Yes..?
– What? It’s been this way all the time?
– Yeah, for about two weeks now
– Oh. Really?
– Yeah
– So that’s not your real eyes?
– It is my real eyes, Sigg3
– Yeah, but you know what I mean..
– It’s just lenses, okay?
– And that’s why they’re green?
– Yes
– Okay.. Kind of looking like snake eyes
– No, cat eyes
– Cats don’t have eyes, they have evil
– Hey you! I’m a cat person
– Yeah? I’m a human person myself
– And your hair’s not really blond is it?
– No. Not at all.
– Good
– …
– I mean, I like it n’all, it’s just not the way I remember you
– Since last night?
– Whatever.

– So what is the color of your eyes, then?

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