Four pictures from the weekend

There was a 5th picture that did not make it through the filter. The camel was a sleeping friend of mine. Sleeping in a hallway. More like passed out, really. With his mp3 player on maximum volume. Alas, I found it too disturbing for his counter-factual, hypothetical grandchildren to find out. Bad craziness. So here are the remaining four:

Mr. S gets his birthday present
The mysterious mr. S receives his birthday present: Free Beer

Construction site
Post-apocalyptic construction site WARNING sign outside the Munch museum

A new fish on the block (see the first one)

Sunday Dinner
Sunday dinner: Pork chops, french fries, salad and Bearnaise sauce with orange soda

4 thoughts on “Four pictures from the weekend

  1. Your dinner looks so yummy! I’d change pork chops for Cordon Bleu and then fetish over that until it gets cold (unless someone’d remind me that I should eat it). OH MY! I love that sauce.

  2. Day before that I had pork chops, hot garlic bread, salad and cold stirred Bearnaise (using curd instead of sour cream).

    I’m not really one for eating, but my sexy belly always finds a way to seduce me.

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