Scariest picture of the day: Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog.

Just thought diz was so cutez lol that I musted posted itz. Thx2 koew.

Good dog

Speaking of German Shepard.. Today’s link is in Norwegian, so allow me to translate.
Link of the day: Excitement surrounding Hitler-drawing’s authenticity

Click the link for pictures. The watercolor painting pictured in this article, which portrays a famous character from the Disney success Snowhite, was found hidden underneath what’s believed to be a painting by Adolf Hitler. Apparently der Fuhrer had a weak spot for this movie (he had his own copy), being that the fairy tale originates from Germany, and it is not improbable that it was the man himself who made this charming tribute.

The painting hiding the drawings picturing a typical Hitler motive (a house in mountain landscape), was bought by a mr. Hakvaag for 1.600 NOK and was signed A.H. It is now speculated whether Eva hid the picture after USA declared war on Germany.
The question is: Will the neo-nazists take up this cartoon art and, over time, become the Disney characters themselves? This remains to be seen. Have a good one!

6 thoughts on “Scariest picture of the day: Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog.

  1. DUDE!… its 4am, I got at least 10 cups of coffe, I’m freaked out as it is, and this thing greets me when I pay your site a visit? you almost made the headlines whit this one.. caused heartatack

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