Yahoo! Up and runnin again:)

Sigg3 o 0 ( Eminem – What you say )

Yep, that’s right! After alot of bullshitt’n around, I finally gave up and started over again. So, here we are, only now enhanced with a the lovely B2 publishingservice. Give it up to all the people who helped me change the template and stuff: the creators, the people, Thomas yEh and last but not least Candle!!

Maybe I can get on doing the stuff I was supposed to, now as my webpage is up again:P

By the way, to check out the archive (which is presently pretty empty) click ‘archive‘ at the top and check the 2 links on your right-hand side: Old Archive (Nov 02 – July 03) and newsfile.txt (the beginning – Nov 02)

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