Bummy Wabbit makes RL Application!

A link-of-the-day in March 2007 made ‘s Bummy Wabbit an enormous hit among the gentiles. People were pleased, sacrifices were made and the Gods saw that it was right. In his diary, honorable comrade Karl Marx wrote: "Bummy Wabbit is the opium of the masses."

Today for the first time in history Bummy Wabbit made its step into Real Life™:

Bummy Wabbit makes status RL APPLICATION!

This is a sign on the door to the cafeteria at work that sternly warns about closed doors during this year’s Easter holiday. As you can see, the illustration representing the holiday is the trinity of Easter: Jesus, bummy wabbit and a chicken. As we all know Jesus was killed, Wabbit killed him and the chicken got the hell outta there. It was supposed to be an Egyptian there too, celebrating the exodus, but he couldn’t make it. In any case, I congratulate this development because Bummy Wabbit cannot be stopped.

According to some rumors, mrs. Duck banished Bummy Wabbit from blogging because it was an intimate nickname reserved for the couple’s bedside activities. As of yet these rumors are unconfirmed, and I also find them wholly irrelevant. Freedom of speech will prevail, as will the Bummy Wabbit of our hearts. Have a nice weekend!

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