I’m half-delirious and half-asleep. I stayed up all night doing a job that couldn’t wait and I was in bed around 3:30 am. I had a nightmare about the Norwegian prime minister chasing me around. Then I had to get up at regular hours to catch the same client and finish the job because she had forgot to provide me with her password. So right now, right this minute, I’m a bit snappy.

*phone calls* [for real!]
– Yo’ello, it’s Sigg3!
– Oh hi. It’s just that all the icons are on the small screen and they are really tiny and I can’t see them.
– Are you using both monitors?
– They are both powered on. I checked it.
– …Good. But are you using both? Do you really have any use of both high-resolution monitors for your friggin’ e-mail application WOMAN!?
– Fine. Then close the lid on your laptop and everything will adjust automagically.
– Okay.
– Have a nice day!

Sitting on the tips of my toes here, on the edge of the chair, just waiting for that last bit of PEBKAC frustration that will send me right to the lala-home. They have nice people there, in nice white clothes, and crackers that don’t crumble BECAUSE IT UPSETS THE NEUROTIC PATIENTS!!! *tic tic tic*
Anyway (deep breath).

What am I looking at today? What’s the sentence, oh Great IT Daemon of Doom?

  • Find a suitable Tablet PC for problem patient 
  • Fix the accountants’ HP Printer setup (faxing and scanning) 
  • Buy wine, lots of it 
  • Make 30 more icons for special assignment before Easter 
  • Research UMPC development progress 
  • Remove LCD monitor from fried laptop 
  • Kick a puppy 
  • Backup data from dying disk for problem patient #2 
  • Make, eat and digest pizza with pepperoni 
  • Go home, jerk off, pass out 

As you can see my day’s pretty full and close to jamming. You should see my schedule for tomorrow. Oh my. I don’t even want to think of it. Good thing I got that haircut last week so the only thing I’m able to pull is your leg. Hahahahahaha!
…gotta lay off that chocolate espresso. Time for lunch, folks.

2 thoughts on “Psyche!

  1. Wine is for girls… Scotch is for MEN! ;)

    BTW, you’d have told that lady to turn both of ’em off and go home. A way to get fired! Heh. :P

  2. Meh. Most likely they don’t give an itch about what I write here. Besides, no one is identifiable even for those that I work with, except to the individuals in question of course.

    Let them cry all they want. But at the end of the day, who’s their daddy?
    That’s right.

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