Last five pics

Definition of crime
Tag on Little Kariachi, Oslo

Volvo oldsmobile 1
Volvo Oldsmobile

Volvo oldsmobile 2
Volvo Oldsmobile II
This one was parked just 200 yards from the red one.. What are the odds of that?

Bathroom band
The band couldn’t wait to start drinking so they just put it in the bathroom..
You should have seen the harp they left on stage. Effin’ weirdo beaver band.

Mr. S returns
The mysterious mr. S returns! ..what’s he up to this time?
Looking for love? Stretchin’ his feet? Preying on the pigeons?

3 thoughts on “Last five pics

  1. I saw you made a comment about my math problem that I posted on If you are able to help me out, let me know!

  2. That does it. I’m almost THIS (|—|) far from buying the domain “”. The feed of rumours could be a thousand million millions. Nice photograph, too.

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