Last 11 CDs I bought

I found my stoopid hung-over ass in the record shop this Saturday afternoon… 2K shorter. When I’m lazily hung over I have no self-control whatsoever:)

Last 10 CDs I bought - 15.03.2008

  1. Radiohead Box Set 
  2. Notorious BIG – Life after Death 
  3. Dr. Dre – 2001 
  4. Various – Discovered (Daft Punk Samples) 
  5. Coltrane – Giant Steps 
  6. Kraftwerk – Autobahn 
  7. Kraftwerk – Die Mensch-Maschine 
  8. Kaada – Natural Born Star 
  9. Kaada – MECD 
  10. Radiohead – Itch 
  11. 2Pac & The Outlawz – Still I Rise 

4 thoughts on “Last 11 CDs I bought

  1. Sometimes your words just hypnotize me, because I’m a creep and you’re so fucking special.

    That aside, I love the rock and electronica bit in the sphere of your music taste. Both Kraftwerk and Radiohead are great.

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