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My uncle the architect (cartoonist) recently got a shorter URL for his website.
It’s in Norwegian but the drawings are universal. And they should be, given his hippie background.

Link of the day:

My uncle the whale-shark architect

Here’s a picture of him standing next to the author of a children’s book that he illustrated. My uncle’s on the left. Notice the receding hairline. That’s because my uncle has been working in Norway’s finest bureaucracy the last decade or so. Over the years his "work related notes" have piled up and crept into a book that I hope he get to publish sometime soon. He’s available for hire, small jobs, big jobs, cartoons and cathedrals. The page is in Norwegian, but you can find his e-mail there.

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  1. That’s an awesome uncle you have there! I wish I could read Norwegian now. I don’t understand a word. I wonder what God and the Devil are discussing about. :P

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