Link of the day: RIPdogs

Andy Fanton a.k.a missed the whole online craze about the quote unquote phenomenon. I’m not sure if he’s ever been around my poor part of the web yet, but I also made a contribution to the new underground pulse-o-the-people movement only it was way back in the days. Anyway.

Link of the day:

RIPdogs feature pictures of dead dogs, accompanied by two simple captions; one detailing the deceased dog’s name and life-span, and one explaining how the canine came to be expired – with HILARIOUS results!
I tell you, it’ll be the internet phenomenon to end all internet phenomenons

There are copycats eager to encourage the growth of RIPdogs and I am one of them. My personal contribution was made even before RIPdogs, to be exact it was in September 2007 (pic made July 2007) when I posted that Baby in cute lion costume picture. Awww… It’s the I’m so sorry e-card. Send it to people you love.
Love for the link to who just won’t let sleeping dogs lie.

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