Bedside conversations V

– Sigg3, are you awake?
– Over here, honey, you’re talking to a pillow..
– Why does it always have to be so difficult for you to come by?
– Busy man, busy schedule. ‘sides don’t wanna mess up me other hoes.
– Right. I’m being serious here.
– Me too!
– But seriously it’s like obtaining an audience with the friggin’ King.
– Have you seen my lineage, baby? It’s probably easier to see the King!
– Sigg3.. I’m asking you a question.
– It’s just hard sometimes to swing by so fast, okay?! Gotta maintain me shit n’all.
– What could you possible do that takes so long after work?
– Well, I do the groceries, then sometimes I check if I need to do any laundry.
   After eating an’ sleepin’, cup of coffe, I commence the doing of my looks.
– What?!
– You think all of this come outta nothing, woman?!! .. ‘t takes time! And lotion.
– ….!
– There are two kinds of people in this world. Playas and playahatas.
   Please don’t hate me for being beautiful, baby.

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