It’s Easter again and getting into the spirit of things, I decided to update my 50 Pictures of Jesus with an additional 50 pictures. I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re all "How’s that even possible?", and let me tell you that it almost isn’t. And in addition to that simple fact, I have now added breath-taking auto-generated 50 pixel thumbnail technology, courtesy of Adobe Photoshop, that will revolutionize the way you browse your all time favorite Jesus picture site! And it all comes to a price any gentile can afford: 100% Free. And the crowd goes wild!

Crowd: zOMG We Are So Wild Now You Wouldn’t Even Believe It Wohoo!

Click the picture to enter, omg I’m so excited!!1

That’s it for now. I’m completely exhausted here. You’d thought the few of us still remaining at work were still fasting, ’cause ever since my chef took off to enjoy the Norwegian Fjords, the Mountains and the breathtaking Scenery we’ve been starving back here! It ain’t that easy to cook when you don’t have any hands.. or, as is my case, any food in the fridge. ‘Cause all the stores are closed during Easter. All I’ve got is some baloney, flick ‘o cheese and stale bread. And a six pack+ of alcoholic beverage. Thank God for mothers. And sacrificing his only son for me. Really flattering.

If you are a good Christian and think that I’ve offended your faith, then you ought to forgive me and turn the other cheek. Remember that regardless of whatever your opinions are, your God still loves me more than anything else in this world.
In any case, I hope you’ll have a wonderful Easter! Signing off until next week.

Technical Note: To get back to the thumbnails page after clicking the image you so desired to see, use your hand-eye coordination to move the cursor to the upper-left corner of your web browser and place it in the middle of the Back button (sometimes marked with an arrow pointing to the left). Keeping the cursor in place, click the left mousebutton and then release it. A flicker on the screen usually indicates that you’ve been successful in going back. You can also see the Status bar indicator at the bottom of your web browser application window displaying how far along you are in the process of retracing your steps. Speed may vary depending on your connection and web browser settings. To increase speed enable internet caching.

Edit 12th April 2009:
Jesus Pictures moved to http://www.sigg3.net/blogger/gsus/pictures/

7 thoughts on “100 PICTURES OF JESUS!

  1. Hehe, it would be strange if I could copyright stolen pictures.. Although I do believe that (at least American) copyright laws allow for parodic fair use.
    Thanks for the link, mate!
    Håper du får en fin påske! :)

  2. Yes, parody is considered “fair use”. But this thing is just NOT fair! : How come you’re so inspired all the time while other people have to work really hard to create something unique? :D

  3. And I thought I was mocking religion. ARGH. Now you set the barrier too high and I can’t live it up to it. I’m defeated.

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