Scariest picture of the day: The Weintraub Family

My brother sent me this for reasons beyond human comprehension. I loved the photo so much that I had to steal it, steal my preciousss from ze evil hobbitses, to revive the old scary-pic tradition. Behold :

Weintraub world

The homepage starts with a friendly joke. I love this joke. It’s so friendly:

Welcome to Weintraub World!. What is Weintraub World? It’s a place where you can dance, sing, let your imagination take over. It’s a world of endless possibilities. And, your admission is only a MasterCard away!

But of course it isn’t! And that’s the joke! Ha Ha Ha! … Is so funny!
On the other hand it seems mr. Weintrauber really can code. I’d hire a programmer that looks like that any day. I’m not so sure about the little kid on the left though. He’s got that inward smile of future dictators Pinky & the Brain going on there.

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