Bedside conversations VI

– So, what are we going to see?
– Spartacus.
– But I want to see 300!
– Spartacus.
– Sparta.
– This is stupid, Sigg3.
– Sparta.
– I don’t have 300.
– Oh.
– Spartacus.

..4 hours later..

– Boooooooring.
– You’re right. Don’t know what all the fuss was about.
– Love. Let’s make it!

..4 hours later..

– You all right, Sigg3? You were kind of quick back there.
– Yeah. This may sound a bit funny, but I couldn’t stop thinking of Kirk Douglas.
– Not like that!
   But it’s.. It’s just his chin, baby.. I can’t stop thinking about it.
– Hehehewhat?
– It’s HUGE! Fuck it. Put a flag on it and call it a nation!
   If he couldn’t act he’d get a part-time job as a helicopter pad.
   It’s effin AMAZING!
– mhm..
– I mean, when he goes scientists from all over the world will be battling for his skull.
   He must be some kind of missing link or something! Homo Chinius..

– And this, Sigg3, was what you were thinking when we were– you know..?
– It’s the chin. It has psychic mental powers. I bet it’s sentient. But yes, I was.
– Me too.
– WHAT?!

3 thoughts on “Bedside conversations VI

  1. Um… My chin looks exactly like Michael’s! :( There’s nothing I can do about it, but for some strange reason, I wanted to share this information with you guys. (PS-No, that type of chin doesn’t look good on a girl)

  2. Don’t worry about it, Mira. It doesn’t look good on Douglas either..
    Besides, I seem to recall something about your preference re: anal.
    Problem solved:)

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