Bitter-sweet milestone: sold on

My regular readers know that I, after five years, are growing more than tired of the blogging hysteria. I have my work to do in academic philosophy, in addition to three literary projects I have been working on for longer than I care to remember. Last year I bought the old cabin from my grandmother to prevent it from going out of the family. It’s the same one I visited last summer and I did get some good writing done while living there. Accompanied with a cheap loan from the bank in my hometown, I’ve managed to come to an arrangement with the ground owner, to work as a sort of janitor on the other cabins when they are empty all of next year. This will give me the time and space and peace to get things done. Alas, the cabin has no internet connection and no electricity. Which is why I put out on sale in October 2007.

After a long and tedious bidding process on the online auction at my domain was finally sold this Sunday afternoon to the nice sum of $35,000 USD. This is 15k more than the estimated value dnScoop reports through the use of Alexa and Google among others. The estimated value of is: $19,840.

The winner of the auction has not expressed any wishes to be anonymous so I can reveal to you now that went to which has "the largest on-line selection of auto parts & auto accessories for your car, truck, SUV, Jeep, Van, VW and more."

I will obviously be taking up photography again when I’m not working or writing, and once in a while there may be an update on my flickr gallery. I’ll probably do some logging on another platform such as blogger or myspace with a new short-url obviously, but I haven’t decided what would be the best choice yet. I promise I’ll keep you posted!

6 thoughts on “Bitter-sweet milestone: sold on

  1. Good for you, bro’! Finally you can live like a real old skool lumberjack as you’ve always talked about. Great!

  2. Mmmm… A Lumberjack! I have pretty strange fantasies concerning that.

    And I should stop writing right now.

    PS-My domain’s worth 217 dollars.

  3. Oh man, good for you. That’s a nice load of cash. Too bad yer gonna be gone from da intarwebs. Make sure you at least archive your site somewhere for posterity, okay?

    …especially the Jesus pics – priceless.

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