Meh. Hehehe.

This year’s prank was listed on "Sigg3’s vulgar blog sold to online car dealer, in order to retire back to nature." Please find me in their list (currently I’m on page 4 of 2008) and give me your vote.

Today I was asked to make posters for a First Aid course. Guess which was ruled out:


telepathic CPR
You can’t do CPR telepathically!

CPR with a shovel
You can’t do CPR with a shovel!

CPR on a homeless
CPR is not a party trick!

CPR on wheelchair kangaroo
Don’t trust the Kangaroo to help if you are disabled!

kangaroo again
No! No! No! Kangaroos don’t give a shit!

69 not CPR!
This is NOT CPR! It’s Sixty-Nine!

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